Info for artists

In 2019, The Warren made up a quarter of Brighton Fringe, making us the largest site of the festival.

Thinking of joining us in 2020? We will be back 30 April - 31 May! And registration is now open…

How do I apply to perform at The Warren?

We take applications through the Fringe’s online portal, Eventotron. Fill out as much information as you possibly can about yourself and the show, as we need a whole range of information so we can decide whether you’ll fit within our programme. Be sure to include when you can and can’t perform as your availability will affect how we programme the festival, and our offer may be based on your availability. It’s also helpful to let us know where you’re travelling from, who your target audience might be and how many dates you would like to do. If we accept, you will also need to provide some marketing imagery, and that is the sort of thing that is good to have to hand, anyway. On top of this, we would recommend that you are set up on social media! Start shouting about your show and sharing behind the scenes information, which your current and future fans will love.

When should I apply?

Now! Registration for Brighton Fringe 2020 opened on 14 October 2019. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail at any time to discuss your show, and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I know which venue will suit my performance?

Our venues range from seating 20-250. Although it is important to think about how big an audience you want to attract with your show, it’s also important to think about what audience size will suit it and how big a stage space you need. For spoken word, you might want one of our smaller spaces for an intimate setting. If you’re testing out a new show, again one of our smaller venues would probably be more suitable. If your show includes doing a cartwheel and a backflip, you probably need a bit of space to do that. See all of our venues here. If you’re still not sure, ask us!

I’ve never performed a show before. Can I still apply?

Of course!

I’ve just performed at Edinburgh Fringe…

Then you probably used Eventotron. Perfect, you’re halfway there! We use it, too, so the information about yourself and your show is already ready.

When and how will I receive my offer?

This time of year is a very busy one for us, so it can take a little while for us to get back to you with an offer. We take great care in the curation of our programme to make sure it’s balanced and that we aren’t putting like for like shows close to eachother. Please bear with us, but if you need to know urgently, please get in contact with us directly

We will send you an official offer by e-mail, which will include performance dates and times.